Industry excitement as new company Dot UK Group eyes rapid growth for UK domain market

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Company News

A series of exciting UK domain name acquisitions by a powerful new player in the business is set to boost the market. That’s according to digital entrepreneur Ryan Ewen, one of the leading lights behind the innovative company leading the charge in the field.

Industry expert Ewen, who boasts a wealth of experience spanning 20 years, has teamed up with global specialists Mo Zaffer and Jeff Behrendt to create Dot UK Group. And the ever-entrepreneurial trio believe they can quickly provide renewed, much-needed growth to the market.

Ewen explains:

“Since 2014 when Nominet — the governing body for UK domain names — released the shorter .uk domain extension with rights of registration ceasing in 2019 there has been confusion between the traditional and .uk extensions causing prices to plummet.”

“Our acquisitions will really help cement Dot UK Group as a major player in the UK domain market. The negotiations took around 12 months and we are excited to see things grow over the forthcoming months. We have exciting plans for the future and we are super confident that we can reach our goals very quickly.”

Strategic acquisitions from Dot UK Group include: the premium UK domain market platform which is the place to buy and sell premium UK domain names. At present, existing platforms consider UK & CO.UK domains as an afterthought – it means that when someone searches for a domain name UK domains appear way down the list after .xyz, .io and several others despite the UK market being one of the top countries for online business. As a UK company if you want to rank highly in Google and reduce advertising costs then a premium or .uk domain gives credibility to your business. – Currently Flip is one of the leading auction platforms for UK domain names. For domain investors the ability to monetise domains and sell them quickly is key to running and growing a portfolio. Currently there are few outlets to achieve this and as a result the overall market is subdued. There will be some new features and a refreshed look which will further enhance the offering.

Behrendt adds:

“Dot UK Group has also acquired a rare 50-domain portfolio which includes ultra-rare domains like,, + .uk, + .uk, & – these domains will be listed for sale on and will encourage other premium domain holders to list their assets on the platform. Premium assets sell well when they are listed alongside other premium assets.”

Zaffer concludes:

“It is time for the UK market to get the exposure that it deserves. We are excited to see how the forthcoming months will play out. These acquisitions demonstrate our commitment to the UK market and we are excited for further development within the UK space.”

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